Infrastructure Maintenance

Fixed Price, all inclusive peace of mind.

Things break, its a fact of life, but handling failures need not be expensive or unplanned.

GEN have been maintaining systems for more than 35 years, and we are very good at it. We cover not only current hardware but a fair selection of legacy hardware, from HPE Generation 5 upwards. In most cases we can provide a swap-out service to get your up and running as soon as possible.

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Infrastructure Hot

If you have mission critical systems, then we can provide hot spares that will take over in the event of a system failure. These hot spares receive replicated images, or use shared storage to provide a seamless switch over with almost zero downtime.

If you prefer, we can host the hot spare at GEN, with realtime replication from your on-premise systems, which is becoming a more popular solution but reducing costs.

Infrastructure Cold

We'll keep a pre-built copy of your hardware on the shelf, and should you have a failure, our engineers will take this system and deliver it to your site, providing everything required for a really fast fix.

We may just swap your server with the cold spare, its the quickest way to get your system back up, but if its something simple we may just swap a part.

Infrastructure Drives

Hard Drives fail, but managing replacements can be a pain. GEN offer a service where we remotely monitor the health of your hard drives, and will ship out replacements automatically when they begin to fail. By monitoring hard drives for signs of failure, we can manage rebuilds to reduce any impact on services.

Infrastructure Monitoring

We have a system that works with HPE servers to remotely monitor their system health, and this data is then analysed and any potential issues are reported to the maintenance team for resolution.


It is common place for an engineer to attend site to deal with an issue that had not even impacted the client yet. By handling issues in a timeley manor we can schedule any downtime around the business needs, rather than waiting for a failure to occur.


Maintenance, is primarily for Infrastructure, that is, servers, networking, connectivity and storage.

There is no one fixed price for maintenance, every customer is different. However, maintenance is no where near as expensive as an unplanned failure. We offer either fixed price maintenance, where we'll cover any failures and any parts inclusive, or fixed price labour where you pay for parts, or pay-as-you-go, where we will cover your system at a fixed price per incident, or variable price per incident as you prefer.

An annual fixed price contact is our most popular option as it provides complete peace of mind, that no matter what breaks, we'll be there to fix it at no additional cost.

We can support desktops and workstations, from windows to mac to linux, but customers rarely require these to be on a fixed price contract, instead perfering a pay-per-fix model with return-to-base support, which makes more sense for non-critical hardware.