Web Presences

for Businesses of All Sizes

Modern and Functional

This partnership was formed before the 'Web' even existed, and we were early adopters of the first rendition of http with serverside code written in c.

So much has changed, and nowdays we have access to a vast range of languages, technoogies and frameworks, enabling modern, clean and efficient web presences to be constructed and deployed.

You may notice that this website in not like all the rest, and this is by design. We made it look like MacOS and moved all the nagivation to POST variables as an experiement to see how Google & Bing handled that especially with the recent changes.

If you're looking for an update to an existing, or a completely new web presence then please give us the opportunity to quote for it.

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Witten to run in-house on bare metal systems for maximum performance


A system like WordPress or Joomla, allowing easy client updates but at the cost of performance and flexibility


A Site dedicated as an information resource, suck as WikiPedia or DokuWiki


A site with password control allowing your customers to self-serve and control their own account

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The most important aspect, and where many fail is the planning stage, during which we will work with you to plan out every aspect of the site and its functionality.

We will often use mock-ups, artwork and flowchats to define each page and its content.

The aim is to ensure that every page is clearly specified in content, layout and function.

When everyone has agreed the specification and planning, we provide that specificaiton to our team of developers and they being the work of converting that into your new web presence.


We will in most cases provide 'early access' to your new web presence during the development allowing you to see the pages as they are rendered so that we can ilicit feedback.

When the site is complete and you've signed off on the design, we will then transfer this to your existing domain, or new domain.

We will place 'redirects' in place to ensure the high hitting landing pages are sent to the most applicable location in your new site.


In most cases except for very small site, we will include a period of maintenance, usually a few months to a year during which time we will make those little changes based on user feedback.

You may choose to continue maintennace at a fixed cost per annum after the initial period, or if you prefer simply pay-as-you-go any changes and fixes you require, we don't mandate either its entirely up to you.