Data Protection

Be fully compliant and protected

Before GDPR, data protection was a fairly simple exercise, ensure the systems are secure, limit access to those who need it and encrypt if possible, and don't keep data indefinately.

After GDPR, this is now a minefield with a significant number of companies not fully compliant. Becoming compliant isn't hard, but understanding exactly what the path to compliance is, is.

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The biggest issue with GDPR is that the legislation was written by lawyers and polititions, not business owners. The language is terrible, its often contradictory, and its meaning is often unclear. That being said, it doesn't take a long time to identify what is needed to bring any company into compliance.


After the assesment, which in many cases can be done over the phone, we'll provide a roadmap of the changes needed to be fully compliant. The roadmap is provided in a business format, without all the technical nonsense, and highlights the changes, and suggests how to make those changes.


It makes sense to review a companies compliance at regular intervals, which for most is annually. The review is a repeat assesment focusing on the area's that needed improvement in the previous period. The review which is not often a long job provides feedback directly to the management team, and highlights any area's that are not compliant, or could be improved.